Technical Educational Center

Our Technical Educational Center is housed within our privately owned facilities in Pallini, Attica. In TEC, vehicle repairers have access to educational services of high quality in an exemplar center of theoretical and practical training equipped with state of the art educational tools.

The model training center facilities comprise mainly of a seminar hall plus a fully equipped training hall, paired with recreational/dining halls, all designed to offer an educational experience in real-world conditions. The seminar room disposes latest technology audiovisual equipment whereas the training halls is equipped with workshop machinery and tools that meet the standards of the educational centers of the spare parts manufacturers.

Within the frame of the environmental policies of the company, the technical educational center is built by the modern specifications for energy–saving construction.  The technical educational center provides also for its guests plenty of outdoor parking space as well as a pleasant and fully equipped dining hall to be used during seminar breaks.

Quality Educational Services on New Technologies